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Parakala Prabhakar quits Chiru’s Praja Rajyam Party

The rumors are in full swing in filmnagar political circles that Parakala Prabhakar who played the key role as official spokes person of the PRP is likely to resign for the primary membership of the PRP.

Yes,finally he quit the Praja Rajyam Party from the PRP office only.

Parakala prabhakar has appointed as official spokesman’s for praja rajyam party by the padmabushan megastar chiranjeevi.

In a Press meet he announced his resigning from PRP.He has released his resignation letter to the press.
He said,”PRP is a poisionous party(idi visha rajyam).”

“I am one of the founding members of the party. I had even signed on the documents to register the Praja Rajyam as a political party. I expected that the party would strive for clean politics. But it proved to be otherwise. This is a poisonous tree,” he told reporters at the party office.

Prabhakar alleged that all is not well with the functioning of the party.

“Initially, I thought mistakes are happening because of lack of understanding. But I began to think about the aim of starting the party. There is a flaw in the birth of the party itself,” he said.

He said he does not have the ability to reverse the process of decay in Praja Rajyam and thought it prudent to quit.

“Some people may think that this party is good because of my presence. I have a responsibility to tell them that it is an evil force,” he said.

Replying to a query, Prabhakar said he did not apply for ticket to contest the elections.


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Egg Thrown On Chiranjeevi During Warangal Tour

Shame in democracy TRS people throwed eggs on Chiranjeevi.

There is a quote Difficulties comes to good people only. TSR people cant attack YSR who didnt fullfilled his promise, rather throwed eggs on Chiranjeevi for being good and understanding telangana difficulties.

Praja Rajyam Party president Chiranjeevi, who is undertaking Praja Ankitha Yatra in Warangal district, was attacked with raw eggs at Narasampet.The PRP convoy was obstructed by Telangana Rashtra Samithi workers demanding a clear-cut policy on Telangana. When Chiranjeevi replied that he already made a policy statement on Telangana at Jagityal, the TRS workers threw raw eggs at him.

Chiranjeevi went to the nearby college and had a bath before proceeding on his Yatra. He said that he would not be afraid of such attacks.

Meanwhile, TRS Chief K Chandrasekhar Rao condemned the attack on Chiranjeevi and exhorted his followers to be peaceful as violent activities were not the agenda of TRS.

Three TRS activists were later detained by the police for reportedly hurling the eggs at the megastar during his road show here in the Telangana heartland. Later, the PRP resorted to `Gandhigiri’ when its men distributed eggs and omlettes to passers-by at Ravulapalem and Amalapuram in East Godavari and Narsapur in West Godavari. While the activists staged rasta rokos at I Polvaram, Mummidivaram and Kakinada in protest against the TRS workers’ action, some held a rally holding candles in Eluru on Tuesday night.

Asserting that nothing would deter him from moving ahead in his march towards achieving social justice, Chiranjeevi said: “I thank those who have thrown eggs at me. Incidents like this will not affect me.”

One egg landed directly on his face, while others hit his media advisor Kanna Babu and his personal security guards in the convoy. Reacting sharply, Chiranjeevi said he would accept garlands and eggs alike and that he would not go back on his mission. “I will not leave politics fearing such incidents,” he thundered amidst claps from the crowd.

Turning emotional, he said he had the support of crores of fans who were ready to make supreme sacrifices for him. “I know pretty well that the political path is full of thorns. But I would still go ahead to bring the much-needed positive change in society,” Chiranjeevi added.

The provocation for the TRS men to resort to the act was Chiranjeevi’s alleged lack of clarity on the contentious Telangana issue. Though the PRP founder said his party would support any move by the Centre for creation of a separate state during his Jagtial road show, the TRS has been insisting that he should clarify his party’s stand on the `T’ demand.

At some places during his road show, the TRS activists kept waving their party flags and tried to stop the actor’s convoy. However, at the next meeting at Nekkonda, there were no TRS protests fearing reprisals from PRP workers, who broke the glasses of a four-wheeler owned by a TRS leader at Nekkonda.

Shame on TRS or who ever is behind this

పూలు పడతాయి ,రాళ్ళు పడతాయి కాని నేను వెనుకడుగు వేయను “-Chiranjeevi Said

At last,on the pepole request he danced some steps on his vehicle itself n made people happy

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