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CBSE 10th Results 2009(Chennai,Ajmer,Panchkula regions)

Secondary School Examination (Class X) Results 2009
(Chennai,Ajmer,Panchkula regions)

X Class results were declared out.

Click here for Results.

Drop your roll no here to get your result.


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FIR filed against Akshay Kumar and his wife Twinkle Khanna for indecent representation at Lakme Fashion Show 2009

The Delhi Pradesh National Panthers Party today filed a police complaint against Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar for allegedly indecent activities in Lakme Fashion Week 2009.

A written complaint has been filed against actor Akshay Kumar and his wife Twinkle Khanna and Lakme Fashion Week organisers in Vakola police station in Mumbai for the unbuttoning act.

In an FIR filed against the Bollywood actor at the Parliament Street police station, the president of the Delhi Pradesh National Panthers Party Sanjoy Sachdev said,”Akshay Kumar was shown on various TV channels as participating in a fashion show last night indulging in illegal and indecent activities. His acts are violative of the provisions of the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986 and the Young Persons (Harmful Publications) Act, 1956.

In his FIR, the Panthers Party has requested the police to immediately register a case against Akshay Kumar under the relevant provisions of the law read with appropriate provisions of the Indian Penal code.

Actor Akshay Kumar on Thursday apologised for his obscene act at Lakme Fashion Week, where he made his wife Twinkle Khanna unbutton his jeans.

“I am sorry for hurting the sensibilities,” said the actor.


A written complaint has been filed against actor Akshay Kumar and his wife Twinkle Khanna and Lakme Fashion Week organisers in Vakola police station in Mumbai for the unbuttoning act.

It is being reported that Akshay Kumar said that he did a little bit of drama on the ramp as he endorses the Levis Unbuttoned brand.

He was walking the ramp for designer Tarun Tahiliani, who is designing jeans for Levis for the last two years.

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Asin to romance Shahrukh Khan | replaces Katrina Kaif

This Southern belle is definitely having a ball. After working with Aamir Khan in Ghajini Salman Khan in yet-to-be-released London Dreams , Asin is set to work with Shahrukh Khan .

Grapevine is abuzz that Asin is being considered for a role opposite SRK in a Yashraj film. However, the original choice for the role was Katrina Kaif , but Shahrukh, who wants to keep safe distance from Salman and co., wasn’t too interested in working with Katrina.

So Katrina is reportedly out and Asin is in.

Saying yes to the project wasn’t easy for Asin. She had already allotted the dates to a Priyadarshan flick with none other than Akshay Kumar . And since Yashraj Films demanded dates around the same time, Asin was in a fix. She had to choose between doing a film with Akki or Yashraj.

But luck favoured Asin. Akshay asked Priyadarshan to postpone his film because of unavailability of dates. So as Priyan’s film was shifted to 2010, Asin had free dates for the Yashraj film.

So now, as things stand, Asin is most likely doing the YR Film with SRK. But interestingly, there’s a buzz that she might be replaced by Katrina in Priyan’s film with Akki.

Well, the two ladies are all square now.

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Thrisha’s Aakasamantha movie review


Actress Thrisha’s new movie ‘Aakasamantha’ has relesed yesterday under the banner of sri Venkateswara films,directed by Radha Mohan and produced by Dil Raju.Its a dubbed film from the tamil movie Abhiyum Naanum.

Cast: Prakash Raj, Trisha, Jagapati Babu,Aishwarya, Ganesh Venkatraman,
Music:Vidya Sagar 
Cinematography: Preetha 
Editing: Marthand k Venkatesh 
Story – screenplay – direction: Radha Mohan 
Producer: Dil Raju 
Release date
: 27 March 2009

The movie is quite getting good reviews.
Famous telugu movie reviewer Jeevi rated it the movies as 3/5

Click Here for Aakasamantha movie review by Jeevi.

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Kidnap Case against Bollywood Upcoming Star ASIN

Actress ASIN is the darling of South Indian Cine Industry who never gets into controveries. This is for the first time it happens to her, as follows

Family of a man employed with Bollywood actress Asin has alleged that he has gone ‘missing’ because of abuse by the actor. Asin has denied the charge.

“The concerned person N. Muthu Kumar has left my employment and we informed the police immediately. Other accusations are false,” the actress said in a statement on Thursday.

According to S. Vadivu, her son Kumar was employed with Asin for four years. “I am worried as Asin’s father Joseph said that Kumar was sacked after he joined the Mumbai underworld several days ago. While my search in Mumbai was fruitless, the facts do not add up because Kumar told me over phone sometime back that he was likely to quit after the actress abused him over his physical handicap,” Vadivu said.

Greater Chennai Police Commissioner Sangram Jangid said: “The issue is being blown out of proportion by a section of the press. The complaint has been forwarded to the appropriate authorities and there is nothing more to it.”

Asin is currently shooting for London Dreams as the female lead with Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan.

On this issue, Asin told media:

“He came to Mumbai as a touch boy. Later he met with an accident and all his treatment expenses, which amounted to a few lakhs were taken care by us. We also brought his mother down to Mumbai to look after him and after recovery, he said that he wanted to go back to Chennai and start some business”.

Continues Asin: “On January 21, he voluntarily resigned. All his dues were settled and he left for Chennai. My dad has registered this information of his resignation with the Oshiwara police station and produced the vouchers that all his payments were settled which a regular procedure in Mumbai”.

However, a source close to Nallamuthu Kumaraswamy in Tirunelveli states that he had started a business in partnership with a friend that incurred huge losses. And realizing that he could not cough up the money, by working with Asin, he left the job.

This is not the first time that top actors are targeted by their staff who wants to grab some media attention by making false allegations. In the case of Asin, the biggest mistake they did was to take the staff they had in Chennai with them when they shifted to Mumbai.

Remember that earlier, a lady from Chennai had made accusations that Asin was forcedly keeping her daughter as domestic help against her will, which was sorted out when the girl herself gave her statement against her mother claiming that she was happy working with Asin.

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Apple iPod Nano Case with Notepad


“iPod notesbog” (the iPod pad) is an iPod case with an integrated notepad. The brand new product is designed and produced by the Danish company Scripta.

The case is made of leather and features the notepad on one side and the holder for the iPod on the other side. There’s a hole for the earphones at the bottom and you will be able to access all the controls while your player sits safely inside the case.


This case manages a cool combination of not only being useful in more than one way, but in disguising your Nano.  For most people it would just look like a notebook, but once you open it up there is a compartment to fit your Nano.  The notebook part would be useful to either doodle or to make quick notes about things you need to remember for later.  It’d be great for anyone that’s addicted to constantly taking notes for various reasons.



The outer part of the case is made of leather, which makes this notebook look even nicer.  It also has a built-in hole to plug in your earbuds or a speaker.  These come from a Danish company called Scripta.  Hopefully they created the case so that it was easy to replace the notepad for when it has gotten too low.  The notepads come in various color combinations, ranging from bright colors to black.  It will fit the iPod Nano 3G and you can pick it up from Scripta for 139 DKK or about $27.

The iPod Case with Notepad is compatible with iPod Nano 3G (a 4G version will be out in January 2009).

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This has proved that Shahrukh is the Real King and King Khan of Bollywood

New York: Congress President Sonia Gandhi and film star Shah Rukh Khan find place among the ‘50 Most Powerful People of the World’ selected by American newsmagazine Newsweek.

US President-elect Barack Obama tops the list.

Chinese President Hu Jintao, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, German Chancellor Angela Markel, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jim Jong II are other world leaders on the list.

Newsweek has selected Sonia as the 17th most powerful leader and says Indian political scene is riven by factions, but the Congress remains the strongest national force and rules unchallenged. “In the world’s largest democracy, she is the queen.”

The magazine says Shah Rukh, who is No. 41 on the list, is the ‘King of Bollywood’.

“Who is the world’s biggest movie star? Brad? Will? Nah. His name is Shah Rukh Khan, and he’s the king of Bollywood.It’s not just that his (Khan’s) romantic flicks make gazillions—it’s where those gazillions come from. Khan is huge in the Muslim world, even in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the mullahs ban his films. Their main appeal is certainly the song-and-dance numbers, but Khan makes devoutly secular films where love trounces bigotry,” the magazine says.

Pakistan army chief General Ashfaq Kayani, who controls the country’s nuclear weapons, is placed 20th on the list, which would be published in the January 2009 issue of the magazine.

Kayani, the mumbling and chain-smoking general, answers to President Asif Ali Zardari in theory, but he and his army remain the dominant power in Pakistan. “He’s responsible for Pakistan’s nukes; for the battle against al-Qaeda and its tribal allies along the Afghan border; and for managing tensions with neighbour India,” the magazine says.

Kayani, till now, has kept the army out of politics and seems focused on the battle against ‘jihadists’. “In the wake of the November terrorist attacks in Mumbai, Kayani stood firm on Pakistan’s sovereignty while also taking measures against the alleged sponsors of the outrage,” it says.

A surprise inclusion in the list, which the magazine admits is subjective, is Osama bin Laden, the “global terrorist.” He is No. 42 in the list.

The magazine says the presidency of Obama, the “intensely charismatic” Democrat, who will be inaugurated on January 20, will be judged on how he handles the economic crisis that now envelops the US and the world. “For Obama to be remembered as a great President, he has to do nothing less than rescue capitalism.”

Here is the Full list:

1: Barack Obama
2: Hu Jintao
3: Nicolas Sarkozy
4-5-6: Economic Triumvirate
7: Gordon Brown
8: Angela Merkel
9: Vladimir Putin
10: Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud
11: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
12: Kim Jong Il
13-14: The Clintons
15: Timothy Geithner
16: Gen. David Petraeus
17: Sonia Gandhi
18: Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
19: Warren Buffett
20: Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani
21: Nuri al-Maliki
22-23: The Philanthropists
24: Nancy Pelosi
25: Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan
26: Mike Duke
27: Rahm Emanuel
28: Eric Schmidt
29: Jamie Dimon
30-31: Friends of Barack
32: Dominique Strauss-Kahn
33: Rex Tillerson
34: Steve Jobs
35: John Lasseter
36: Michael Bloomberg
37: Pope Benedict XVI
38: Katsuaki Watanabe
39: Rupert Murdoch
40: Jeff Bezos
41: Shahrukh Khan
42: Osama bin Laden
43: Hassan Nasrallah
44: Dr. Margaret Chan
45: Carlos Slim Helú
46: The Dalai Lama
47: Oprah Winfrey
48: Amr Khaled
49: E. A. Adeboye
50: Jim Rogers

GO here for this Article:



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Undersea cables cut again and India net got heavy traffic

Three major undersea cables — the Sea Me We 4, Sea Me We3, and FLAG — were cut again in Mediterranean Sea,causing massive Internet outages.

The three Internet cables were cut off the coast of Sicily on Friday morning. Throughout Egypt, the Internet is almost completely down or working sporadically.

Because of this ,considerably slowing down India’s internet and voice traffic. The extent of the damage is still being assessed.Sources said that India net got 65% traffic since friday

France Telecom said Enginners were sent for cables repairing but it will take “several days” for cables to be repaired and is trying to switch Egypt’s Internet to an alternative route.

Undersea cables were also damaged in January, causing outages in the Mideast and India.

Yemen and Sudan were also having phone and Internet difficulties Friday because of he cable cut.

Fibres cut in recent years:

– January 20, 2007 – Due to Taiwan Earthquake 
– January 30, 2008 – in Mediterranean Region
– Now December 19, 2008 again in Mediterranean Region

“Being a Saturday, we may not feel the full impact of the cuts. Though there’s no doubt that traffic has slowed down to a snail’s pace. Moreover, given the global slowdown, most companies themselves are going slow, and hence the impact may be lower. However, what is surprising is the regularity with which these cuts have been happening,” said Rajesh Chharia President, Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI), told Business Standard.

France Telecom said it immediately alerted one of the two maintenance boats based in the Mediterranean area, the “Raymond Croze”. In its initial assessment, the company listed 14 countries affected by the current problem. The Maldives are 100 per cent down, followed by India, which has 82 per cent disruption. Qatar, Djibouti and the UAE were the next most widely affected areas with about 70 per cent service interrupted. Disruptions for Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan range from 51 per cent to 55 per cent.

Impact on voice traffic:

–    India: 82% out of service
–    Saudi Arabia: 55% out of service
–    Djibouti: 71% out of service
–    Egypt: 52% out of service
–    United Arab Emirates: 68% out of service
–    Lebanon: 16% out of service
–    Malaysia: 42% out of service
–    Maldives: 100% out of service
–    Pakistan: 51% out of service
–    Qatar: 73% out of service
–    Syria: 36% out of service
–    Taiwan: 39% out of service
–    Yemen: 38% out of service
–    Zambia: 62% out of service

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Warangal Acid Attacker Srinivas Rao and his friends were encountered by Police in Self-Defence

Andhra Police killed the accused Acid Attackers S. Srinivas Rao, 25, the main accufor sed, and his friends P.Harikrishna, 24, and B. Sanjay, 22,who attacked on two KITS students Swapnika and Praneetha.

Srinivas Rao has taken help of his friends to take revenge on Swapnika for rejecting his love.And this has created much waited news in state.And Swapnika is in dangerous condition nowand fighting with her life to get well while her friend T. Praneetha (21) sustained severe burns.Swapnika almost lost his eye-sight.She is getting treatment at Yashoda Hospital in Secunderbad.Doctors said Swapnika’s carnia is in critical condition.

They were killed near Warangal town, about 150 km from here, when the police said they opened fire in self-defence.


The incident took place at Mamonoor on the outskirts of Warangal town a few hours after the three were arrested.

The accused, who had been taken to the place to gather evidence, allegedly tried to attack the policemen with a country-made weapon and acid they had buried in the isolated location, an official said.

Warangal Superintendent of Police V.C. Sajannar told reporters that a police team had taken the accused to the place where they had hidden the stolen motorbike and acid bottle used in the attack.

“They suddenly took out a country-made weapon and tried to open fire and also threw acid on policemen. The police opened fire in self-defence, killing all the three accused,” he said. 


Police V.C. Sajannar told reporters that a police team had taken the accused to the place where they had hidden the stolen motorbike and acid bottle used in the attack.

“They suddenly took out a country-made weapon and tried to open fire and also threw acid on policemen. The police opened fire in self-defence, killing all the three accused,” he said.

Village Sarpanch(I dnt knw exact meaning of telugu word Grama sarpanch..Dnt mind if its wrong) has recieved the dead body of Srinivas Rao after finishing the postmartum at Warangal MGM hospital,while the parents of srinivas are not willing to take his body.Parents of Harikrishna also took thier son’s dead body.At first,they were demanding the reason of encountering.


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Sri Venkateswara University(SVU) MBA IVth Semister April-2008 Results

Results of Sri Venkateswara University(SVU) MBA IVth Semister April-2008 Results are out now.

Click Here to get your Result.

Drop your Hall-ticket no.s in commenting section to get your result.

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