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Jammu and Kashmir election results 2008

Counting begins at 8 AM on December 28

   Parties Leads Results
   PDP 21   0  
   Cong 13   0  
   NC 28   0  
   BJP 15   0  
   Others 10   0  
   Total 87 0

6 state Election results


 Chhattisgarh Results  
 Results 90  
  BJP 49  
  Cong 38  
  Oth 3  
 Delhi Results  
 Results 69  
  Cong 42  
  BJP 23  
  Oth 4  
 Mizoram Results  
 Results 40  
  Cong 32  
  MNF 4  
  Others 4  
 Madhya Pradesh Results  
 Results 230  
  BJP+ 142  
  Cong+ 71  
  Ind & Oth 17  
 Rajasthan Results  
 Results 200  
  Cong 96  
  BJP 78  
  Oth 26  


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Parties Leads Results
PDP 18 3
Cong 12 1
NC 21 6
BJP 13 3
Others 9 1
Total 73 14


J&K Election Results | Jammu and Kashmir Election Results | JK Elections | Omar Abdullah | 6 State Election Results Via RediffWhy J&K will remember the 2008 polls ? 

The 2008 assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir [Images] will be remembered for a host of reasons. Post 1996, it is the first election which has passed off peacefully, without any major untoward incident marring the process. In the wake of the election boycott call given by the separatists, the voter turnout, particularly in the conflict-ridden valley of Kashmir, has been much higher than expected.

There are certain aspects about this election that cannot be brushed aside. Even those who braved the bitter cold and waited for hours outside polling stations, reiterated that they were casting their vote for the development of the valley and that ‘Azaadi’ runs through their veins.

Over 1,354 candidates, including 468 independent candidates and 67 women contestants, are in the fray for the 87-member Assembly. As many as 1,354 candidates, including 78 from the Congress, 85 from the National Conference, 64 from the Bharatiya Janata Party and 78 from the People’s Democratic Party are contesting this time.

Total assets declared by the candidates, in their affidavits filed before the respective returning officers, sum up to a whopping Rs 7,769,012,944. The NC has the maximum number of crorepati candidates (33), followed by the PDP (18), the Congress (17) and the BJP (8).

The PDP is fielding a number of young candidates, with as many as 22 candidates below the age of 35. The NC, with 18 candidates below the age of 35, is at number two, followed by the BJP and Congress with 15 each.

The 2008 assembly election has also witnessed unprecedented participation by women — as voters and as candidates.

There were only 29 women candidates in the fray for the 2002 assembly elections. The number has more than doubled this time.

In 1972, four women candidates were elected to the state legislature, and that remains the highest number of women legislators in the state. The record is likely to change this time.

The PDP has fielded nine women contestants, followed by the BJP (5), the Congress (4), and the NC (2).

Like all other poll-bound states, J&K also has its share of candidates with criminal cases registered against them. The NC has fielded five such candidates, followed by the PDP (2), the BJP (2), and the Congress (1). 


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