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SASTRA University Online Courses Registration for the Even Semester 2008-09

The Notification for SASTRA University Online Courses Registration for the Even Semester 2008-09 has been announced now.

The online registration for the courses to be offered for the even semester of the academic year 2008-09 will begin from December 8, 2008

Registration Schedule:
    Name of the School                                     Date                          Time
School of Chemical&Biotechnology      8thDec.2008    Between 9am and 9pm
Schools of Mechanical Engineering &
Civil Engineering                                          9thDEc.2008                        ”
School of Computing                                  10thDec.2008                      ”
School of Electrical &
Electronics Engineering                           11thDec.2008                       ”

You can visit on the specified day and time and register for their courses on online. Please go through the online procedure which will be made available from December 6, 2008 before you proceed with the registration.

important Dates:
On December 13, 2008,The list of students and their allotted sections will be put up on the website, along with the time table for the students to start attending classes from December 17, 2008 and for VIII semester students from January 27, 2009.

  Important Instructions

 The following instructions need to be followed meticulously to avoid any confusion:

Students are advised to read the instruction given below before they proceed for the registration.

1. Detailed time table is given for the students to choose the section. The student must carefully choose the section based on the choices available

 Click Here to View Time Table

2. Once the student enters the registration menu, he/she chooses the courses followed by the faculty along with the section. While doing this, the student must choose the section already decided (step 1) and be consistent for other courses also.

 While choosing the courses, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that not more than one course from a given set of choices is chosen, For example, an elective course is to be chosen from the following set of 3 courses:


The student can choose only one from the available choice. The common identification parameter is the code BIOT804. It is hence imperative that for all such possibilities, only one course from a set of courses having the common identification parameter can be chosen.

3. IV Semester B.Tech Industrial Biotech & MIBT: Students who studied III semester in Section A can choose only Microbiology (BIBDBT 401 and 403 only). This is because, such students have already completed Biochemistry and not eligible to choose Biochemistry (Theory & Lab).

4. Once the student completes the course selection, he /she finishes the registration process and can save or print a copy of the time table.

5. The student list and section allotted will also be displayed in the website from December 13, 2008.

Click here for Registration

Off Campus Students click  Here for Registration
Campus Students click  Here for Registration

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