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Mumbai Gunman Azam Amir Kasav wanted to marry a Kashmiri Girl

Azam Amir Kasav,21 year old,The Terrorist who was the only survived Terrorist caught by POlice has said Interrogators that he has done firing just to get to money and wanted to marry a Kashmiri Girl.

The LeT Bosses offered him(Probably 1.5 lakh) and a Kashmiri Girl if he will get in this Terror attck on mumbai on 26th November,2008.

They promised him that they will let him to marry a Butiful Kashmiri Girl to get married.”I’ve done all this to get marry a Kashmiri Girl and to get huge money from them as they promised me.I dont have any respects to the word ‘Jihad’ and i dont want to become Jihadi”Azam said to Interrogators.

the group had planned to sail out on Thursday. Their recruiters had even charted out the return route for them and stored it on the GPS device which they had used to navigate their way to the Mumbai shoreline. This suggests that the terrorists were willing to undertake a mission which they knew would be very risky, but not necessarily suicidal. Sources said that the bait of safe return must have been used by the recruiters to convince the wavering among the group to join the audacious plot against Mumbai. He says The bang hoped get away after attck from mumbai.Azam made another important disclosure: that all terrorists were trained in marine warfare along with the special course Daura-e-Shifa conducted by the Lashkar-e-Taiba in what at once transforms the nature of the planning from a routine terror strike and into a specialized raid by commandos.

The sole Mumbai gunman to be captured alive has claimed that his father introduced him to the Pakistan-based militant group suspected to be behind last week’s bloody attacks in exchange for cash.

Family belongs to Qasai caste. Father, Mohd Amir Iman, runs dahi-puri snack cart, mother, Noori Tai, looks after a ramshackle home Ajmal is one of 5 children. Eldest brother , Afzal, 25, works as a labourer in Lahore, lives near Yadgar Minar. Sister, Rukaiyya Husain, 22, is married in the village.

Then comes Ajmal. Sister, Suraiyya, 14, and brother Munir, 11, still at home Ajmal’s poor father can’t keep him in the local government primary school. In 2000, 13-yr-old Ajmal , who has done just class 4, is sent off to his brother Afzal in Lahore .

We need to find those Terrorists. How are they paying from Pakistan? That is some Mystery.

Truth behind the terrorism is coming out now!..


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  1. It is high time that the Indian Government react positively and help ou the word, more so Pakistan, by way of getting their on their land physically and searching these minds that are planning such strategies and tackling them one by one as individuals or as groups. No talk should be accepted from Paf politicians. Only their action on the removing terrorism must be honoured else take stock of the situation our(Indian) way. God bless one and all.

    Comment by Colonel P P Vyas | December 18, 2008 | Reply

  2. Mujhe bahut dukh hota hai jab kai kisi begunaha ka is tarah se khun bahata hai.Pure sansar ko ek sath milkar unn
    atankwadi thikano ko nasth kar dena chahiye jo iss tarha ke maksad ko anjam dete hai aur unhe pura karne ke liye iss tarha ke gareeb, berojgar aur akshikshit yuvaon ko bhatkakar mohara bana dete hai .

    Comment by vijay luxman | February 24, 2009 | Reply

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