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Nytimes Se Hoax Newspaper Declares End Of Iraq War 14 Page Detailed Edition

New York Times the most renowned news paperpublished hoax news on Wednesday. The front page of the paper published the news of the war ending with Iraq. Millions of papers were handed out mainly in the cities of Los Angeles and New York.

About 1.2 million papers of New York Times were handed out by a group of pranksters in the city. The paper is said to be the best edition in the world. The hoax paper that was circulated in the city had 14 page detailed edition. The date of the paper is identified as July 4, 2009. Yes Men are the suspected group to have done the deceptive work. Catherine Mathis, the spokeswoman of New York Times said that the news was completely absurd and the management would surely deal with the matter.

The fake newspaper that was distributed to millions of people took six months to be created. The printing of the paper was done at six dissimilar places and then it was handed out to thousands of volunteers to give out the paper to the public at large.

Bertha Suttner was identified as one of the writers of the newspaper. Suttner said in a statement that the people of America should make sure that Obama and the other Democrats work basing on their promised principles.

The newspaper had a front page story that dealt with Bush’s plans before attacking Saddam Hussain. It stated that Condoleezza Rice, the Ex Secretary of the State confirmed the soldiers about the administration of Bush. Bush well knew beforehand that Saddam was short of mass destructive weapons. Iraq only had biological and chemical weapons with them to fight the attack.

Nationalized Oil to Fund Climate Change Efforts, nation Sets Its Sights On Building sane Economy and Maximum Wage Law Succeeds were some of the other headlines in the newspaper. On page three Exxon Mobil, the biggest oil company of the world had its fake advertisement which said that the company gives a round of applause for the declaration of the end of the Iraq war.

Such camouflaging news is not expected from a renowned paper like New York Times. However, this is not the first time that New York Times are with some hoax papers. People will loose faith in the forth estate if this continues to happen. Management should take stern steps to deal with the incident.

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